Skiing in Nendaz

Nendaz encompasses a small stretch of the Matterhorn. Located laterally between the Swiss cities of Martigny and Sion, no map will adequately describe the sheer mountainous expanse pushing to the south. With its northernmost border touching the Rhone, the entirety of Nendaz rests across jagged peaks spotted with trees and gondolas. Occupied on either side by the peaks of Dent de Nendaz and Mont Rouge, this area is a unique holiday destination in Switzerland for skiing adventurers.

Skiing in Nendaz offers some of the most breathtaking alpine slopes and unforgettable cross-country sections. Boasting some of the most challenging and exhilarating courses in the Alps, Nendaz has been a highly sought-after destination for avid skiers looking for the thrill of a lifetime.

Nendaz 4 Vallees

Found only a short distance from the Rhone Highway, Nendaz 4 Vallees is one of the best ski resorts in this region. While this section of Switzerland spans a great deal of sharp, jagged ridges – this Matterhorn resort offers pleasantly attractive access to quite a few of them.

In the early morning, be sure to head up the Haute-Nendaz gondola for a one-of-a-kind view of Tracouet and the forest below. At the top of Tracouet is the lovely Lac Noir (Black Lake). This destination serves as a hub between several other gondola tracks including the Jean-Pierre and the Prarion. There are quite a few options available from Tracouet in terms of both cross-country skiing as well as extremely difficult downhill slopes.

Don't sell yourself short! Tracouet marks simply the beginning of a whole system of gondolas which can offer you fantastic possibilities for skiing and snowboarding. Make sure to keep track of the time, though, as this system of transportation can take you deep in the Nendaz region.

Mont Rouge

Directly across from the Nendaz peaks rest the scenic slopes of Mont Rouge. With several courses to choose from, this series of connecting trails and slopes can be accessed through gondolas connecting off the Tracouet line. Simply follow through to Les Fontaines and the Plan du Fou. There is a major gondola which can take you across to Novelli.

Novelli is the route which brings you across the crest of this beautiful mountain line. The ride alone will offer a wonderful panoramic view of the entire valley below. To ascend to the peak of Mont Rouge, the Greppon Blanc 1 line offers an excellent lift service. The slopes up here are quite challenging and it's recommended that you get here early to take the fullest advantage of the steep ridges and drops as well as long and bumpy slaloms.

If for any reason you find yourself at the base of this valley between the peaks of Nendaz and Mont Rouge, there is a central connecting road that can take you back. Simply following it north will deliver you safely back in the town itself. Don't be afraid to ask for directions! The people in this region are extremely friendly and helpful. With the winter season descending, this area sees quite a deal more people than throughout the rest of the year so locals are more than understanding.

The Mont Rouge skiing region connects reasonably well over to Vex. However, with the time constraints of the day, it's recommended that you plan your excursions in advance so you can get back to Nendaz well before dusk.

In the case of Nendaz 4 Vallees, there are a number of day activity programs to encourage skiers to take full advantage of both sides of the valley. Do inquire about these programs as often there is are good savings to be made in relation to gondolas and ground transportation.

Lac Noir & Prarion Mountain Stations

Additionally, there are a few mountain stations of note for those who plan on making this a full day's adventure. The first is located near Lac Noir, off the Tracouet-Alpage line. If you had proceeded by the course previously outlined, you should also find a modest shelter in Prarion.

These stations are ideal places to keep warm and find out about notable tracks in the region. Many of the people who come here are alpine ski enthusiasts and will spare nothing to inform you of this region's splendour.

Nendaz is a hidden gem in the Alps. Not nearly as over-explored as many of the other regions, it offers a versatile assortment of skiing experiences to suit almost any adverturer's needs. We hope this brief, informative article served as a decent basis to guide you in the right direction. As always, do keep safety as the first priority and enjoy the great Nendaz peaks.